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This is the Texaco Country Music Showdown!

The Talent Search - Win$100,000.00 and the title "Best New Act in Country Music!"

The Songwriting Contest - Win an all expense paid trip to Nashville, a consultation with Tom Leis Music and a $5,000.00 cash prize.

Showdown Internet Radio - a streaming internet radio broadcast featuring highlights from the Songwriting Contest as well as other great performances from Showdown contestants. In addition, you'll hear excerpts from the Showdown blog "How I Got My Record Deal" that discusses how to enhance your platform as an aspiring Country Music Artist.

iPhone Application - put the power of the Showdown online community on your iPhone and access exclusive interviews from Country Music icons and industry professionals.

The Showdown Mobile App - the entire Showdown web community in a mobile friendly format.

"How I Got My Record Deal" - the Showdown blog based on the experiences of a former National Recording artist, "How I Got My Record Deal" presents tools and tips for the aspiring Country Music artist interested in building their platform.

Showdown Spotlight Podcast - archived Showdown Internet Radio broacasts presented as podcasts.

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The Texaco Country Music Showdown is America's largest Country music talent show. It's designed to find the most promising country music talent in the nation and to give these performers a chance to launch their professional music careers.

The Country Showdown begins each spring with over 450 local talent contests sponsored by country music radio stations throughout the US. Winners advance to their respective State competitions held at leading fairs and venues. Acts then compete for a $1,000 prize, the State Title and the opportunity to advance to one of five Regional Finals. It’s the last step before the prestigious, televised National Final. The audience cheers on the Regional Winners, as they compete for the Grand Prize of $100,000 and the title of "Best New Act in Country Music."

To view the list of participating radio stations in your area, click here. To learn more about who can enter and how to obtain an entry form, click here.


Where do I get an entry form?

An entry form MUST come from a participating radio station where you wish to compete. The Showdown Headquarters can not supply you one.

Can I compete in any State?

Yes, you are allowed to compete in any State. Canadian citizens are allowed to compete in the States as well.

How old do I need to be?

There is no age limit unless restricted by the State or venue. If the radio station is holding their competition at a bar, or casino, you will have to abide by the age restrictions.

Will a Back-Up Band be provided for me?

At the Local level, the radio station does not have to provide you a Back-Up Band. You will be allowed to use pre-recorded music instead, or play acoustically. A Back-Up Band will be provided for you at the State, Regional and National Level.

Can I use pre-recorded music?

You are allowed to use pre-recorded music, with minimal background vocals, at the LOCAL LEVEL ONLY. We will provide a band for you at the State, Regional & National Level.

Do I have to sing the same songs throughout the Local, State, Regional competitions?

No, you can change your songs from level to level.

Do I have to use the same band members from level to level of the competition?

Yes. You can only drop members from your band, you can never substitute or add to your original forming act (which you wrote down on your entry form).

What if I have a complaint?

If it involves the Local show, you need to contact the radio station. If it involves the State, Regional, or National you need to put it in writing and send it to us at SPI or e-mail it to us at info@countryshowdown.com.

Phone calls will not be accepted.

What is the time limit on my songs?

This is up to your radio station. State and Regional rules allow 7 minutes from the first musical note you sing of your first song until the last note of your second song. We do not stop our stopwatches inbetween songs.

Can I compete in more than one Local show?

If you win a Local show and then lose at State level, you can enter in another Local show in another state.

Where can I get a PA Form (Copyright) and what if I don't have it back before the competition?

If you contact us, we can mail one to you, or CLICK HERE to download. If you won't have it back in time make a copy of the PA form and have it notarized stating that you are in the process of getting it finalized.

Can I get my judge scores mailed to me after the competition?

We encourage you to get your scores to see how you were judged in the different categories, and what you need to work on. If you're requesting them from a Local level, you need to contact that radio station and ask for a copy. At State & Regional level, call or email us with an address and we will mail them out.

I'm having trouble finding chord charts and/or lyric sheets. What should I do?

If you cannot buy the chord charts or lyric sheets, try searching for them online by doing a Google search for that song.
- www.lyricfind.com